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Keynotes & Workshops

Choose from one of the topics below or let's work together to create a program customized to your needs. Whichever you choose, I will personalize the experience for you to ensure your event goals are met and your audience is engaged. I'll bring energy, inspiration, and actionable insights to move your audience forward.

The 5 Marketypes


Every Realtor has different talents, resources, skills, preferences, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. So why do Realtors try to market themselves the same way as everyone else?

I've identified 5 types of successful Realtor marketers. I walk Realtors through each type, help them determine which type they are, then give practical marketing actions to generate business. Includes recommendations for website-building, social media strategies, CRM tactics, multi-channel advertising, prospecting, technology, and skills development, all personalized for who the Realtor is and how they organically do business. Each keynote or workshop highlights the specific tools you offer.

Leading the 5 Marketypes

Brokers | Staff

Every Realtor has different talents, resources, skills, preferences, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. So why do leaders, brokers, and staff try to support them in the same way?

Using The 5 Marketypes method, I'll teach you and your staff how to identify which tactics will work for each type of Realtor and which tactics to avoid. We'll dig into how to build a team balanced between Marketypes and what skills are required to add business for each Marketype.

Where To Spend Your Money

Brokers | Realtors | Staff

"All you need is one closing to pay for this..."

How many times have you been pitched a lead program, ad campaign, new service, new piece of software, and so on and so on? Which ad tactics will work and which are too good to be true? In this class, I'll empower you to make excellent choices about your marketing spend, how to measure return on investment, and how to avoid marketing investments that will fail.​

Maximize Your MoxiWorks

Brokers | Realtors | Staff

I will help you kick off a successful MoxiWorks implementation by building a bridge between the marketing Realtors need, the habits that create success, and the tools available through Anywhere's MoxiWorks Suite.

Acting Skills for Realtors


After studying at New York City's American Musical and Dramatic Academy, I put myself through college as a professional actor. In this session, I equip Realtors with acting skills to tell better brand stories and generate more business.

Pyramid Marketing

Brokers | Realtors | Staff

No, this is not a class about profit-sharing. I will teach you how to turn a small library of foundational content into thousands of activated creative across multiple marketing channels.

Foundations of Marketing

Brokers | Realtors | Staff

In this session, I'll break down four foundational strategies of marketing, including:

  • Top of Mind Awareness Marketing

  • Relationship Marketing

  • Targeted Marketing

  • Triggered Marketing

New Marketing Mastery

Brokers | Realtors | Staff

Today's marketer needs to understand how to build omni-channel strategies. I'll teach you how to combine old-school tactics with new-school deliveries, including:

  • Demand Generation

  • Social Selling

  • Hybrid Targeting

  • Experiential Marketing

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